Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Year In Review

2010 was quite a year for me. Full of ups and downs and twist and turns. New Friends, Old friends, A stalker, Moves, love, laughter, resentment, heartache and so much more. Most of 2010 I was at Ft Hood, Texas. Let me tell you that place is the vortex of hell. So many awful things happened to My family and me there. Really hoping I can put that place  in my rear view and we get PCS'd to a new wonderful place.
I had a lot of firsts in 2010. Some amazing and some not so amazing. My daugher celebrated her 1st Birthday. Took My first trip to Tennesse and San Antonio, TX. First time I was ever shot at. Yeah Ft Hood is GHETTO with a capital G.
2010 brought me a lot of love and smiles and was my first full year of motherhood. I love being a mother so much. Finally found my dream job :) It was my 3rd year of being an Army Wife. Believe me when I tell you that being an Army Wife is the hardest job in the world! At the same time 2010 brought me some heartache and resentment that took me most of the year to get over. Ill touch on that at some point in my blogs when I feel ready to reveal that part of me to everyone.
2010 also brought a my hubbys 3rd deployment. He left at the end of August and I packed up Mckayla and myself back up to Washington. I did not want to stay in Texas alone. This deployment is the first since we had Mckayla and is so hard. The minute he left I felt a hole in my heart and so incomplete.
Overall 2010 was a year to remember and I made a lot of new friends and memories. Im so looking forward to what 2011 has in store for me. Im hoping for some grand adventures and a ton of fun and lots of NKOTB :) 2011 already has me going to Tennessee. New starts and New Horizons. 2011 is gonna be a great year cuz Im making it that way! 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My First Blog

This is my first time ever having a blog. I thought this would be a good outlet for me to speak my mind and use it as a journal for my thoughts, dreams and goals. Since I dont have or like facebook or Myspace, this seemed perfect. I do have a twitter but sometimes 140 characters or less is just not enough to speak your mind. I want to give you all a sneak peak into my life and the life of an Army Wife. Im open to discussions, debates, fun and laughter. Nothing is off limits on my blog. This shall be a candid documentation of my journey called Life. Ill share my triumphs and falls, success and failures with you all. Ill throw in contests and pictures and rallying Support for our Troops. Im asking you to join this Journey with me! It will be a blast and yes Chaotic at times :) Bare with me as I get used to blogging and Im open to opinions and suggestions! So here we go.....